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                WUHAN TIANYU INFORMATION INDUSTRY CO.,LTD was founded in August 1999, which is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to provide excellent products and services to those fields of data security, wisdom education, etc. In April 2011, Tianyu Listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock code is 300205.       
After years of development, Tianyu Information has become a leading solution provider in the field of data security products and a leading enterprise among Chinese smart card industries. Tianyu provides customers with the full range of products and services of card, system and terminal. Tianyu has the core technology and independent intellectual rights of its whole products. Among them, card products mainly include financial IC card, financial social security card, resident health card, intelligent communication card, intelligent traffic card, eSE mode, networking card, etc. Terminal products include mPOS, smart POS, mobile credit card equipment, tax control disk, smart wearable device, etc. Meanwhile, Tianyu has implemented thousands of industry application projects and provided customers with advanced industry solutions. The related business of Tianyu has extended to more than30 countries and regions around the world.
Tianyu actively explore wisdom education business, and has become the market leader of China basic education cloud market, as well as the technical supporter of Ministry of education's public resource and service platform, the project support unit of Minstry of science and technology's support program "education cloud large-scale application demonstration", the co-construction unit of Educational Data Application Technology National Engineering Laboratory. Tianyu Education Technology Co. Ltd, a subsidiary Tianyu, has the industry's leading intelligence education overall solution, and actively expanded the market share of regional education cloud platform construction, until now, Tianyu Education has built 16 provincial platforms, more than 70 municipal and municipal platforms, and more than 500 county-level platforms.     
Over the years, Tianyu adheres to the customer service purpose of "closer to the user, provide service with heart", determined to improve the ability of independent innovation as the fundamental of its survival and development, and achieved a leading rank in the R&D capability, production capacity and market share etc. Tianyu has the qualification of level 5 CMMI software capability maturity model integration and Integrate Computer Information System (Grade 1), besides, Tianyu has participated in the national related industry standard drafting several times and has become members of many domestic and international standard organizations. Tianyu has obtained more than 160 patents and more than 150 software products have independent copyright. Tianyu has first-class manufacturing capacity and delivery capacity, and has won series of qualifications such as the VISA, Mastercard, SAS, JCB, AE, China UnionPay and other certified smart card production qualification. Over the past several decades, Tianyu has gained such important qualifications and honors like National Innovative Enterprises, Key Software Enterprises in the National planning layout, National Innovative Software Enterprises, Key High-tech Enterprises of National Torch Plan, and Top 100 Enterprises of Chinese Software Prodcutivity, etc.       

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