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  • Young Band

    YOUNG Band collects transportation payment, balance inquiries, air recharge, sports pedometer, sleep monitoring, call reminders and SMS reminders functions, which enables the user to enjoy their intelligent and convenient life.

    Product Function
    Young Band integrates the functions of time display, motion detection, sleep plan, calls reminder, UnionPay quickpay, online recharge, transportation payment, security encryption, mobile phone anti loss, etc, which forms an essential part of your life.

    Product Characteristics
    Security and reliability : The EAL5+ level security chip and hardware encryption guarantee the security transaction.
    Convenient Payment : The technology of contactless mobile payment is used in the electronic wallet on the wrist, which can make an independent payment without a designated phone.
    Flexibility : Support for wing life payment and card application, compatible with the field of financial payment terminal.

    Convenience : Payment anytime,anywhere,top-up on the air,consumption via mobile phone Bluetooth transmission channel,and enjoy a convenient and easy life

  • HCE

    HCE(Host-based Card Emulation)

    The card emulation is realized as software on the mobile phone with NFC function. SE(Security Element) functions are performed by an APP of mobile phone or cloud services.

    N2Go Security Feature
    Key Storage
    The key is encrypted and stored in the virtual card. OTP is implemented to keep the security of keys.
    Key Transfer
     Encryption by transport key to protect sensitive data.
      Digital Signature is implemented to achieve non-repudiation of transaction.
      Platform and operator implement mutual authentication and PKI technology.
    HCE Sercurity Module
    APP has independent security algorithm/data encryption storage/ independent command module/ data isolation storage to protect data security.

    ISO 14443-4
    CPU Card
    Mifare Plus EV1
    Mifare Desfire EV1

    N2Go Applications
    Bus & Metro
    •  Mobile HCE payment
    •  Top up and purchase interface connect with Tinayu cloud platform
    Access Control
    •  Mobile HCE include Access control function
    •  Upload identify of access right and verify control with cloud

  • IC card personalization system

    EMV card is a payment means with high security which requires strict control of personalization process. In order to help the banks and other personalization organizations migrate this technical challenge, Tianyu integrates the advantages of the computer security with the system integration , and builts the EMV Card Personalization System of Tianyu, which ensures various types of keys and encryption algorithm of the card issuing banks and the personal information of the cardholders to be securely embedded into the EMV card. Tianyu has plenty of successful cases of providing the CPS(Card Personalization System) to many banks.

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