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Tianyu Successfully Passed CMMI 5 International Authentication Review

Views times Updated:2018-01-22
Recently, Wuhan Tianyu Information Industry Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Tianyu) successfully passed the CMMI 5 international certification review.
CMMI (Software Capability Maturity Model Integration) represents the most advanced software engineering method in the world, is the authoritative standard to measure the capability maturity and project management level of software enterprises. CMMI marks the outstanding performance of enterprises in standardization, standardization and maturity, it’s recognized as the international market pass to software companies. CMMI is divided into five levels, namely, the completion level, the management level, the definition level, the quantitative management level, and the optimization level. The CMMI5 marks that the project management reaches the highest level at the optimization level.
Enterprises can not only manage project through information and digital means, but also can make full use of information, in order to prevent defective products and optimize processes by proactively improving processes and applying new technologies.
As early as 2014, Tianyu passed the CMMI Level 5 international qualification, and passed this review by the end of 2017. Professional assessment team drawn a number of projects from the maturity, quality, cost, project management and other dimensions of the audit test, access to all the research and development process documentation, and extracted different positions of employees interviewed, Tianyu project products in all aspects of a full investigation and understanding, and ultimately, after a rigorous assessment review and certification, it’s confirmed that Tianyu passed the CMMI5 international qualification review.

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