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Tianyu Information unveiled the 31st French Smart Card Exhibition cum the fit session of French Payment and Recognition Technology Exhibition

Views times Updated:2016-12-20
On november 29th to December 1st, Tianyu Information attended the 31st  French Smart Card Exhibition held in Vieira Pavilion in Cannes, France, Tianyu brought its latest products and made full communication with the industry insiders. And this is also the first session of French Payment and Recognition Technology Exhibition.
French Smart Card Exhibition dates back to the year of 1985, it is currently the largest global smart card payment and professional exhibition, and become the most influential industry exhibition in the fields of mobile payment, intelligent identification ,payment security, financial technology and other cutting-edge. As the exhibition expands, organizers will subdivide it into Smart Card Exhibition(Cartes) and Technology Exhibition (Trusttech) in 2016, this two exhibition will be held in the same time and at the same place. This action is aimed to expand the exhibitors industry scope, and provides industry depth exchange opportunities.
According to official statistics, in 2016, the exhibition attracted more than 400 enterprises from more than 130 countries and 18000 people participating.
Products Tianyu brought to the exhubition include communication card, financial card, terminal products and Internet service products, which attracted many visitors stopping by and consulting. Tianyu exhibition team made full use of this international platform, shared Chinese innovative technologies and solutions with various industries insiders and the elites, and also learned the dynamic and industrial technology development trend of the latest development of the industry. This move is aimed to enhance Tianyu’s international influence and expand international market.

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