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Nutlet Assisted ZTE to Launch Fingerprint Payment Mobile phone

Views times Updated:2016-10-31
On October 17th, ZTE held a mobile phone tasting conference with a theme of “Use it boldly”, at the same time , ZTE launched a new type of mobile phone---ZTE Blade A2 plus.
ZTE Blade A2 plus has a super high cost and finger payment function. Nutlet  cooperated with ZTE again and created a safe and reliable payment environment for ZTE based on TCore. TCore is Nutlet’s original technology based on TEE, a security operating system. TCore guaranteed the safety of fingerprint payment.
By virtue of its accumulation in the field of fingerprint payment, Nutlet has offered technical security support for a number of mobile phone manufacturers like Coolpad、ZTE、360、TCL、ASUS,etc.

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