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Nutlet Technology Help 360 Launch Flagship Fingerprint Payment Mobile phone

Views times Updated:2016-10-08
August 23rd , 360 officially released two well known as the most worthy of this year’s mobile phone-Q5 and Q5 Plus. I’s reported that the Q series is the high-end flagship product of 360, Q originates from the word Quality, and it stands for quality and safety, Q series supports the protection of all kinds of information.
Both Q5 and Q5 Plus have the function of fingerprint payment. Nutlet provides technical support for the safety of Alipay fingerprint payment.
By virtue of its accumulation in the field of fingerprint payment, Nutlet has offered technical security support for a number of mobile phone manufacturers like Coolpad、ZTE、ASUS,etc. With the continuous development of mobile internet, the popularity of fingerprint payment put higher requirements for environmental safety payment, Nutlet will try and do its best.

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