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Nutlet Assisted Coolpad to Launch WeChat Fingerprint Payment Mobile Phone

Views times Updated:2016-07-23
On April 11th, Nutlet Technology, a subsidiary of Tianyu, assisted Coolpad to launch a mobile phone based on Qualcomm platform. This type of mobile phone, Coolpad ivvi i3,  is Coolpad‘s first one which supports WeChat fingerprint payment, and has an ultrathin body of 4.2mm.
With the accelerated pace of life, people have a growing desire for the security and convenience of smart terminal. At the same time, mobile phone manufacturers struggle to explore a better solution in order to meet the market demands till the fingerprint verification method with biological safety characteristic appears.
Nevertheless, fingerprint verification has such a low usage rate in the third party’s APPs due to the standard conflicts on formulating fingerprint interface. Under this consequence, WeChat launched a standard fingerprint authentication program SOTER, which has the characteristic of security and versatility so as to make mobile payment practical and fast.
As an Internet Company specialized in the mobile terminal security solution, Nutlet implemented a convenient WebChat fingerprint payment via adapting SOTER and ivvi i3. Payment can be completed by just a gently clicking. 

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